Several visits to various coastal locations in Florida has yielded a collection of images that warrants its own webpage. This is not a complete listing of lighthouses in this state, which gives me an incentive to keep going back to visit more of these structures!

Amelia Island Lighthouse
Fernandina Beach, FL
This lighthouse is visible from a distance, but is not currently open to the public.
A view from across the marsh.
A wider view from the same location a couple of years prior, during sunset.

Mayport Lighthouse
Jacksonville, FL
This unrestored lighthouse sits on a Navy base, and is not accessible to the public.
An overcast view from outside the Navy base.

St. Augustine Lighthouse
St. Augustine, FL
The classic design of this structure, combined with an interesting and colorful daymark scheme, makes this by far my favorite lighthouse.
A view looking east over Maria Sanchez Lake, from the downtown area.
Same location as above, framed horizontally. A fisherman works the intracoastal waterway.
An observer enjoys the view from up top, looking toward the Indian River and the Atlantic Ocean.
A look inside the first class Fresnel lens. Only the center section of the lens rotates; the top cone and bottom remain stationary.
A tropical sunset.
Another sunset view.
With the sun completely below the horizon, the 1000-watt light and Fresnel lens begin their nightlong vigil.

Ponce Inlet Lighthouse
Ponce Inlet, FL
Located a few miles south of Daytona beach, this well maintained lighthouse and museum sits on the north side of its namesake inlet, opposite New Smyrna Beach.
A couple of views from the museum grounds.
A "snails-eye" view of the main entrance.
A close-up view of the beautifully restored Fresnel lens.
Another Fresnel lens inside the museum - this one was originally from the Cape Canaveral Lighthouse.
A couple of seaside views.

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