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Fenwick Island lighthouse
Fenwick Island, DE
Located close to the Delaware/Maryland border, this lighthouse sets in a residential area a couple of miles away from the beach.
A storm creeping up from Ocean City, MD moved in about the same time I located this structure. A white lighthouse against a grey sky can be difficult to depict; this is my best attempt at it. I'll have to stop by this one again the next time I'm in town.

Cape Charles water tower
Cape Charles, VA
This themed water tower stands east of downtown Cape Charles, at the southern end of the Delmarva peninsula.
When I first laid eyes on this structure sitting on the horizon, I thought that my lighthouse research had gone all wrong. "Where in the hell did this lighthouse come from?!?" I thought. A quick detour into town revealed reality - it was a cleverly themed water tower. It got my attention!!!

Old & New Cape Henry

Virginia Beach, VA
These two structures are located on the active Fort Story Military Reservation. The old lighthouse has been converted into a museum and is open to the public, after a thorough inspection of your vehicle at the gate of the base. The lantern house of the old lighthouse provides a stellar view of the new lighthouse, complete with the ocean as a backdrop.
The old lighthouse sits on top of a hill, across the street from the new one. The lantern house has been converted to an observation area.
A view of the new from inside the old.
More unobstructed views of the new from inside the old.
Looking one last time at the new lighthouse from the base of the old.

Hog Island First Order lens
Portsmouth, VA
This lens was preserved from the former Hog Island lighthouse, and now sits alongside the riverfront, about a block away from the Portsmouth lightship.
This First Order lens has been beautifully restored in a lantern house replica and is part of the themed riverwalk in Portsmouth.

Lightship Portsmouth -

Portsmouth, VA
This lightship has been preserved as a museum along Portsmouth's downtown riverfront.
The lightship has been well preserved, and the light atop the mast still functions.
As the sun pops out, I grab a couple of shots of the bow of the ship.
A preserved fourth order lens operates inside the ship as a display; the bulb within is only 15 watts so as not to blind visitors.

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