There have been times when I have digitally manipulated an image beyond just the simple sharpening and color correction, in the name of artistic freedom (or quite possibly the under the influence of alcohol). Sometimes I was playing and experimenting with various filters or special effects on a slide scan or something off of the D-SLR. Other times it was taking a half decent shot, cropping it completely differently, and getting stellar results. Other times I had discovered that the composition of an image works much better as a black and white image, rather than in color.

Whatever the end result may be, its a fascinating experience to sit in front of the computer, look deeper into the image, and find a different way to see and/or interpret it. It doesn't necessarily work with every image, and sometimes I don't see the potential an image may be hiding the first time I look at it. But to feel the freedom of realizing that the picture making process does not stop at triggering the shutter, provides the same rush as finding new treasures.

Clicking on the thumbnails below will take you a separate page with the enlarged version as well as a rough description of the workflow, and a few interpretive words. My workflow has changed many, many times since I first started scanning slides, so a few of these earlier works were not saved in a larger file for printing or further post-production purposes (or else I zoomed in way too far into the original during the cropping process to get anything worth printing).
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