Early Morning at Folkston

After reviewing some color slides that were taken in Folkston, GA, I took notice a particular one that, at first, looked rather bland. I looked closer under the scanner, and realized that I could've taken a better shot had I possessed a more powerful telephoto lens. But, hindsight is 20/20, so I immediately performed a cropped scan of the composition that caught my eye. The color was bland at best, so rather than enhancing the saturation, I initially removed it. However, This brought about a problem - I could not get the proper highlight balance that I desired. I stepped back to the color version, and performed a R/G/B channel split. The blue channel did nothing for me, so it was discarded. The green channel had the best overall highlight balance for me, except for the fact that the signals appeared dark. So, I cut the signals (via selection) out of the red channel, and applied this layer to the green. The end result was a well balanced, slightly grainy (due to the heavy cropping) B&W image of a lone railfan on a bridge videotaping an oncoming CSX southbound early on a Sunday morning.

All post-production work was handled in Paint Shop Pro 7.

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