Imagination Station

The name for this image was inspired by another childrens playground (with a railroad theme) not too far from where I live. The park pictured here is located in Rockmart, GA, alongside NS's main between Chattanooga and Atlanta. As I was exploring the park for good photographic compositional material, I took notice to this painting attached to the fence bordering a play area. As a form of symbolism to a child's vivid imagination, I wanted to retain the color in the painting, and let the remainder of the image fall to B&W. Since greyscaling brought better tonal balance to the shades of the locomotive than desaturating the image, I had to select and copy the painting first, before performing the greyscale. I then re-introduced the color pallette back into the B&W image, and pasted the layer of the colored painting on top of its B&W counterpart.

This image somehow does not bring me a solid feeling of satisfaction, primarily because I believe the overall composition is a bit too busy and dilutes the symbolism of a child's imagination contrasting against real life. Further, the colors within the painting are a bit subtle; bold colors from, say, a swingset would have worked better. This image is more of a "practice run" as I search for more composition that would better match the mixed mediums of B&W and color with a respective symbolism.

All post-production work handled in Photoshop CS.

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