Throughout time, Kodachrome film and mercury vapor lights have never gotten along very well. Such was the case for this particular slide. I took this shot back in April of 1987, just hours before 1361 would move for the first time on her own in more than thirty years. Most of the m.v. floodlights were mounted on the building or on poles on the flanks of the engine, leaving the nose dark. During the time exposure, I took my portable flash, walked up to the nose of the locomotive, and fired.

The end result was a uniformly lit mint-green locomotive with a bright red and yellow keystone numberplate. The first action in Paint Shop Pro 7 was to isolate the numberplate via outlining it with the freehand point-to-point selection tool, and then inversing the selection. I then desaturated the remainder of the image, leaving a beautiful B&W image with emphasis on a colorful, iconic symbol of the Pennsylvania Railroad emblazoned on the nose.

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