Bethlehem is Cold

This image carries with it some bitter feelings that I have about the local political scene in this area. This NS locomotive set is using the ex-Reading Bethlehem Branch to access the wye at PB&NE's Iron Hill yard in Bethlehem, PA. Despite the fact that this line was a direct link between the Allentown/Bethlehem area and Philadelphia, the line remained useless for both passenger and freight thru-traffic. As a result of NS utilizing another track to access the wye, this section of the Bethlehem Branch was deemed useless, and was removed. Rather than the local politicians thinking of the long-term future transportation needs as part of their redevelopment plans, the decision was made to make this three mile stretch of right-of-way into a bike path. I find it amazing that the local government wants to redevelop the old steel mill grounds to attract more people, but has no conduit to funnel these people into the area, other than a four-lane connection off of the interstate. I foresee many parking garages and constant traffic jams in south Bethlehem's future.

But I digress. This image is actually the left-half of a horizontally formatted Provia slide. The right side contained the old headquarters building for the PB&NE Railroad, but the ground around it was cluttered with road construction. After cropping, the image was greyscaled, resulting in a more impactful portrayal of coldness.

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