Sleeping Danbury F's

This picture was originally taken in Danbury, CT in January 1998 on print film with my older Olympus camera equipment. Two problems arose with the original results: 1. The print film did not correctly color balance with the sodium vapor flood lights, and 2. The lower quality lens that I was using for this picture created a nasty circular flare along the bottom half of the image (almost like an inverted rainbow!). However, I regarded the content and composition of this image as too valuable to be satisfied with the scarred results.

The first step was to scan the negative with my Nikon Coolscan II film scanner at the highest resolution possible. After dropping it into Paint Shop Pro 7, I took the next two to four weeks worth of free time to remove dust spots, scratches, and to remove as much of the flare as possible (primarily by utilizing copy-n-paste cloning techniques, and touching up with the airbrush tool). I then punched the image with blue to counterbalance the yellowish-orange tint from the sodium lights.

Looking back at the end results, I could possibly do a little more tweaking to the image, primarily with contrast and a bit more color correction. But, the results are far better than the print I had originally got back from the developer.

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