Southern Heat

Okay, we're standing trackside along the third district of the CNO&TP outside of Dayton, TN, and we start out with a 400mm lens mounted to a Nikon D100. the D-SLR has a 1.5 magnification effect, so now we're up to 600mm. I have cropped the original image to about 1/3 of its size, so we're now up to, what, 1800mm? Needless to say, with that type of range, we're gonna see some serious heat-rippling and mirage effects...

It was actually not that hot the day I took this photo, but the visual evidence of heat was too great to pass up. After cropping the image, I colorized the entire image with a red tint. I wanted the signal to stand out much stronger than what was depicted, so I isolated the illumination area to the outer fringes of the corona, and increased the red as far as I could go.

The end result makes me sweat!

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