The Heritage of Tunnel Hill

The original color slide was shot on an overcast day, so I most likely had the aperature near-wide open on my 80-200 f2.8 lens. This resulted in some slight vignetting, which my slide scanner drastically exaggerates. This, as well as low color saturation, somewhat frustrated me since I was particularly attracted to the composition within the image.

I decided to make the vignetting flaw work for me, and go for more of an antique look. After all, this was along the route of the Great Locomotive Chase between the Texas and the General, so I could try to go after a Civil War feel. Needless to say, desaturation and a sepia tone were both required steps. But I wanted to also wanted to depict some form of focal flaw, so I selected the outer perimeter of the image with a very high feathering factor, and heavily softened this part of the photo. I have to admit, I had no technical history of how some of the earliest cameras would have created these flaws, so the end result is of my own creation.

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